*PRE-ORDER* Holden HK Brougham - Inca Gold - 1:18 Scale Resin Model - AUTHENTIC COLLECTABLES

*PRE-ORDER* Holden HK Brougham - Inca Gold - 1:18 Scale Resin Model - AUTHENTIC COLLECTABLES

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Holden HK Brougham - Inca Gold - 1:18 Scale Resin Model

ETA: 3rd Qtr 2024

Product Description: 1:18 Scale Holden HK Brougham - Inca Gold

Limited Edition Number: To be announced

Product Specifications: Sealed body resin with clear windows and detailed interior

About This Product:

PLUSH – is a word one could use to describe GMH’s first steps into the high-end limousine market with their 1968 HK Brougham. With sumptuous carpeting, super comfortable interior “furniture” more akin to a gentleman’s club than a car, and the venerable 308 V8 coupled with a Powerglide automatic transmission, it was aimed squarely at taking a chunk of the market share away from Ford’s imported Fairlane.

Based on the HK Premier chassis, the Brougham’s boot was lengthened 200mm in a curious decision by GMH to extend the length of the car, but not the wheelbase. This left the cabin no larger than the Premier, while having a cavernous boot and an overhang past the rear wheels that could only be described by today’s standards as excessive. Still, it gave the Brougham a longer, more elegant look than the Premier, and with the ultra-wide C pillar, there was enough room in the back for the massive rear seat, upholstered in embroidered “Brocade” fabric, and featuring the stylized Brougham emblem embossed into the fold-down centre armrest.

No seat belts were fitted to the rear, only a set of hand straps were available for the passengers which in today’s safety conscious climate is a quaint touch. Up front, the Brougham was fitted with low-back seats, Frigidiare air conditioning, power windows and an 11 transistor push button radio - no doubt super-cool at the time! The doors were upholstered in wood grain, carpet and vinyl trim, featuring the Brougham logos on the front doors and individual courtesy lights for the rear passengers finished the whole ensemble off to be a Cadillac of Fishermans Bend origin. Power steering and power assisted brakes with front discs were standard, something rarely seen at the time.

Sadly the lengthening of the shell, pushing the centre of gravity rearwards, and it’s increased weight meant that the performance of the Brougham was hampered – it had a tendency to oversteer at the drop of a hat, not to mention the 2 speed Powerglide transmission sucked the joy out of the 308’s power - and at the time, motoring critics were scathing of it.

The HK suffered in the GMH showrooms too, being outsold hands down by the Fairlane. GMH did fix some of the issues of the HK in future HT and HG models, but in some respects the ship had sailed with the HK. It did however pave the way for GMH to become a market leader in high end limousine style cars in the future with the Statesman and Caprice lineages running right to the end of Holden’s production in 2017.

More than 50 years on, the Brougham remains a cult classic, with many people having fond memories of floating around the countryside in soft-furnished comfort. The Brougham is also a wonderful lens to view the past, in what Australians viewed as the height of luxury and how that has changed in the intervening years.

Authentic Collectables are excited to announce to collectors the HK Brougham, finished in Inca Gold with a Blonde Ivory Interior, scheduled to be produced in 1:18 scale sealed body with clear windows and high detail throughout, including the interior.

As with all our releases in 1:18, this model will produced in an exclusive limited edition and will include an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.