A pre-order is an order for an item that will be released in the future. Pre-orders are announced in advance of the item being released (Sometimes over a year in advance). Each product will have an arrival ETA in the description. Please note this ETA is a rough estimate only and not a guarantee.

Pre-orders require a deposit  to secure the item. Please read each product description so you are aware of the price. The Full Price must be paid prior to shipping of the product. 

If there is more than one item on an order and an item comes into stock, billing will be for all items on the order regardless of in stock status and will be shipped as the balance items arrive into stock.

If there is a change of mind on a pre-order the buyer will forfeit a dollar amount equal to the deposit paid and any shipping costs invoiced. 

You can find the status of your pre-order by emailing



If there is a change of mind on a pre-order the buyer will forfeit a dollar amount equal to the deposit paid and any shipping costs invoiced. 

Contact us via email to discuss Email us at



Pre-Orders Deposits are to be paid in full at time of order.

In some rare cases a manufacturer will cancel production of an announced pre-order. This is usually due to lack of interest from collectors but can happen for various other reasons.

If this happens, your deposit will be refunded in full.



No refund

Unfortunately we have no control over when a manufacturer will release their item or whether they will arrive on time. As such our arrival ETA's are a rough estimate only. We will not provide a refund if an item is delayed. If you wish to cancel your pre-order please refer to above.



Shipping is charged at time of placement of Pre-Order and will be charged at nominated postal type.

Multiple Pre-Order Purchase

 If you are purchasing multiple pre-orders at once pre-orders often arrive at different times and will be sent out separately.

Our system can only charge one lot of shipping at a time. Therefore if you order multiple items in a single order we will allocate paid shipping to the first arrival and any paid shipping surplus will be allocated to next arrivals. We will invoice for any short fall in shipping from the original paid shipping when each item arrives in store. If items arrive at the same time they will be sent together. If you would like us to hold onto items until your whole order arrives in store (so you only pay one shipping cost), please email us at

In stock Orders and Pre-Order Stock ordered in  a multiple order will result in In stock items being sent and paid shipping cost at time of order will be allocated to In stock Items. Any Balance will be then allocated to Pre-Ordered items and shortfalls on these will be invoiced when items arrive in store.

If Pre-Orders are not paid in full within seven days of notification of arrival into stock and balance payment notification Elite Diecast Sales reserves the right to cancel the order and retain any monies paid on deposit inclusive of shipping charges.